Victor Madu

A college student from Houston, Victor is inspired and motivated by his vision to revolutionize the street fashion industry. Leveraging Twitter and his innate marketing talents to publicize his work, he quickly turned a local brand into a worldwide movement. In just a year since its inception, For the Leaux had shipped to all 50 states and many nations overseas -- but this was no accident. In an interview early in his career, Victor stated that he believed his success is a result of his hard work, determination, and creative mind that is constantly working. Most importantly, Victor would like to thank ALL of his supporters, as he says he would not be where he is today without them.


For the Leaux Clothing

For the people, For the Leaux. Our mission is to bridge the gap between high fashion and affordability. 

Our team is constantly working day and night to provide you with nothing but the best at a price that allows you to rock just more than one piece. Whether it’s our chief executives personally reaching out to communities or our customer relations specialists pouring through email suggestions, messages, comments and tweets -- you can be sure that from top to bottom we are working for you.

Style, comfort, and connection - You get it all! And you get it For The Leaux.

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